project list

I have been working deliciously hard on my photography website lately, so I haven’t had as much time to devote to my blog. We’ve also taken a month-long break from house projects so we can relax and revitalize. We needed to spend time as a family – eat real dinners, love on one another, play … Continue reading

apartment therapy feature

So a week ago, I sent in some pictures of our living room progress to Apartment Therapy, since our living room was our big January Cure project (I know, I know, we’re overachievers…if it makes you feel any better, I am a lazy bum a lot of the time who loves watching Netflix while sprawled … Continue reading

the living room reveal

So I have been searching high and low for better ‘before’ pictures of our living room, but to no avail. We both swore up and down that we had pictures of the staircase, but couldn’t find great examples for you all. So what I cannot share with you via images, I’ll describe. I’m also going … Continue reading

still writing, still working

Holy cow, talk about a media fast! I was unable to use my laptop for several days there. So…back in December, while studying for finals and editing a photo session, I was happily tucked into a sunny corner of a local coffee shop, when one wrong flick of my wrist made my laptop meet its … Continue reading

the january cure

It’s January 8th today, and over at Apartment Therapy, they are full swing into what they’ve appropriately entitled The January Cure. You can read all about it in this post, and it’s not too late to start! I officially signed myself up for their email list just yesterday for this month-long project. I thought it … Continue reading

sunday morning

  The house is quiet this Sunday morning (it didn’t start that way). I was able to sleep in after a restless night, and now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, leisurely sipping the coffee my love made for me. I thought about turning on some music, but I’m enjoying the silence. My attempt to … Continue reading

uncovering the chimney

Yesterday afternoon, I made a (long) to-do list before my love arrived home from work. We’re having a big housewarming party (thrown by a gracious, wonderful friend!) at the end of January…this month. Over Friday night take out pizza and soda, we discussed the list and decided to set to work immediately following dinner. Last … Continue reading